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Reaching the end, is fulfillment
Like the end of the day
The story is said, the song sung
I have said what had to be said
And then today moves on to tomorrow
I have rested my say….

Words are like judgement
The hesitant expression find way
Into the depths of your thoughts
I found the door to show you why
You read my tears and felt my sigh
Now you know where my wishes lay….

We have travelled a past
Our witnesses lie with the sun and rain
The road moves on and here we are
Our constellations shining upon the way ahead
To the life that was
Let me say good bye, if we never meet again..


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Ghurlo bochchor, elo mela
Nanan dokaan, nanaan khela

Aalor chchota, chandoa chchaoa
Borsha diner bhije haoa

Paak hochche monda mithai
Mithey kora sei balushai

Ghurche chaka, chorchche jara
Anonde pran matoara

Khoka dekhe shudhay ma ke
Dekhchina to aajke take

Hashi rashi aaney jani
Babar gondho pai ami

Du haath diye joriye rakhe
Melaay niye jaay amake….

Ghurlo bochor, mela rother
aar koto duur ei je pother

Khelche khela bhanumoti
Thakbe sukhi dompoti?

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World I quit on you….



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The world nowadays spins really fast
When moments turn to days and days turn to years,
The pictures in my mind are so fresh still
Wish those times could really last!

Mone koro

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Mone koro ami nei,
Bosonto eshe geche…
Krishnachurar bonna
Chaitali bheshe geche…
….gorporta bangla gaan…

All you need….

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Leaves of autumn, fallen off
The tree looks bare…
Standing by the window,I stand n watch
In silent despair!

Winter’s away, the chill still bites
To all that’s happened, in their true rights…
If life has rewarded, it’s with a price
Therez bitterness in virtue, remorse in vice….

The rains r spare, they dont wet earth
Flashes of lightning like wry mirth
We discuss terms and strike a deal
Hearts could have touched….remind us to feel…

Summer’s off without the sweat
We are cool and no more fret
We budget and discuss the rate…
And try to believe it’s never too late…

Like me

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Lonely by nite..
Busy by day,
R u like me?

Talk into the phn
And wish it wasnt there
R u with me?

Tell me the world
Is awaiting us
will u show me?

If da going gets tough
And I am not me
Will u still love me?

Wiki says:Always on da phone….hand it to me, let me see!